I’m Frothing at the Mouth … AGAIN

Has anyone noticed that the market for pet products is OUT OF CONTROL??  Of course it’s ‘our’ fault. Who goes out brain-dead shopping at Pet Club or PetCo instead of a shopping mall?  Ummmm …. me??  I love buying “stuff” for my cats, and have virtually stopped shopping for myself.  No comments, please, on my wardrobe, or lack thereof!  Okay, FROTHING!!  I’m talking once again about cat food.  I just saw the commercial for Fancy Feast’s new product: appetizers.  Yes, you heard me right: A P P E T I Z E R S.  Do not fall for this shenanigan!  This, along with their other advertising ploys: “Entrees delightfully accented with vegetables,” “Inspired by delightful flavors of spring,” “Inspired by classic Italian tastes….”  And here I thought I was feeding cats.  CARNIVORES.  I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt that any of my cats are Italian or of Italian descent.  Fancy Feast does have some grain free, vegetable free, meat protein based selections which I do recommend (see my website), and they are one of the few commercial foods that do.  They contain meat bi-products, but you can’t have everything.  When I feed Fancy Feast to my cats, I just hope that the bi-products are the good ones, as there is no way of knowing.  Back to the ‘appetizers.’  They aren’t too bad if you look at the ingredients because it seems that Purina (Fancy Feast) has made this product with good meat and has managed to leave out the grain, fruit, and vegetable fillers.  However, it is NOT a balanced diet.  So, what are we looking at?  We are looking at you spending more money on MORE expensive food that is diluting your cats’ balanced diet.  The meat based, nutritionally balanced flavors of Fancy Feast are enough of a treat for my cats that they do not need an additional treat — and my cats are among the most spoiled in the world.  Just ask anybody.


2 responses to “I’m Frothing at the Mouth … AGAIN

  1. I certaintly agree with you Molly !!!! Your cats are the most spoilt in the whole world. 😀

  2. Well, that line about Italian flavours made me smile but I agree on not let be swindled by advertisement.

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